Getting Rid of the Burdens We Carry

From the Monday Mission, March 30, 2020

For those of us in the US, we are about two weeks into sheltering in place due to COVID-19.And I don’t know about you but I am sensing a big, collective sigh.

Last week was a time of getting our bearings, adjusting to having kids full time, laughing at toilet paper memes, and figuring out working from home. And now…. I sense the heaviness of what all of this means for us and our families.

I recorded a short video about the ways anxiety and grief show up in kids, but all of it applies to adults too. You may feel terribly anxious morning to night. Or you might just feel out of sorts. Your eyes might tear up at things that surprise you. You might snap at people you love.

And to that I want to say – YOU ARE NORMAL. Those are all normal responses. You get to feel really weird when the world is in chaos.

The trick is in the unburdening. We know how easy it is to feel burdened. But Sister, getting out of it is whole ‘nother thing. Some thoughts on getting rid of the burdens we carry…

  • Voice them out loud. Holler if you want. Beat a pillow. Go for it.
  • Write them down. Even if you don’t journal you might benefit from this practice.
  • Pray specifically about them. Mentally give each thing over to a God who does see and understand.
  • TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. This is so important. Do the adulting stuff that you already know to do. And don’t stop. You will be so much better off if you’re getting fresh air and eating regularly and sleeping enough.

Let’s start with this simple prayer…

God, it’s hard to know where to begin. The whole earth groans with fear and sickness and divisiveness. But you knew all of these things would come to pass. You will make a way for me to endure well and you have a plan for me and my loved ones. Help me to release all of these things to you so you can carry them. Amen.


This week I have more links than usual, some posts I found encouraging or helpful in this time.

So You Say the Kids Are Out of Sorts? Facebook Live video
Some thoughts on anxiety and helping kids cope.

“It is Well”, Nashville studio singers create epic cell phone choir
This is so good for the soul.

From the Joycast Podcast with Margaret Feinberg
Interview with author, psychologist, and friend Curt Thompson who explains what’s happening to us physiologically, emotionally, and mentally during this time.

Parent or Teacher? Blurred Lines and How to Adjust (from Homegrown Learners)
Great advice for moms who have suddenly had to take charge of their children’s education.

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