What Do We Do with Our Fears?

From the Monday Mission, March 16, 2020

Hi Friend, 

Crazy days.

My daughter asked me today if I wanted to be cremated. I told her I think we’re thinking a little too far ahead. 😉

I’m not planning for a tragedy. But the truth is we don’t know what’s going to happen. And there’s no way to predict or control it. That powerlessness can leave us feeling unhinged, restless, sleepless, or anxious.

What we CAN manage is our fears.

I’ve been praying for an awakening of hope for us in this season of crazy. Because we are ripe for it, and sometimes it takes something like the coronavirus to gain a better perspective. Hope sustains us when life is letting us down.

Are you wrestling with fear today?

What is the root fear you are facing?
(Something underneath the fear, such as “I’m afraid of losing my job. And the root fear is I won’t be able to provide for myself or God won’t provide for me.”)

I encourage you to not ignore or suppress the fear. That doesn’t usually work.

But let’s do a few things with the fear this morning.

1. Voice it or write it down – I’m feeling afraid of…..

2. Consider what the truth about the situation is.
For example, even if I lose my job, I will find another one or find a way to get by. God will meet my needs.

3. Choose a thankful, worshipful heart anyway.
God is near to us, especially in our brokenness and he is always worthy of our attention. When we turn our focus to him it softens our hearts, builds our faith, and helps to dispel fear.

Let’s partner together with this simple prayer…

“God, I don’t know what’s around the corner. BUT YOU DO. You are all-knowing and your are good and that will never change. Mark my days and nights with that knowledge and let me be an instrument of peace to a fearful world. Amen.”


Finding Strength in Hopeless Places

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