We Were Never Meant to Walk Alone: Partnering with God to Lighten the Load

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I love the toddler stage when they frequently say “Me do it.”

They have decided in their burgeoning toddler brains that they are ready to be big. So they get out of the stroller to push it. They try to help with the bag of groceries. They struggle for an hour to pull a shirt over their heads.

To boost their little egos we hold one side of the grocery bag, while they carry an ounce of it, and we say, “Amazing. You are doing it!”

Sometimes I imagine God does the same with us.

Scripture says that God will share our burdens and make them light (Matt. 11:29). It’s like he’s saying, “Let’s do this my way. It’s the easier way.”

That has always puzzled me. Life is obviously difficult, heavy. How can it be light at the same time?

I think that like a toddler we are often saying “Me do it” and He is saying “we do it.”

Our way is cumbersome, less experienced, dependent on our own capabilities. He’s asking us to not just follow Him but to do ONLY the things He’s asking of us and ONLY the way He leads.

That requires my humility. No more “me do it.”

It requires I forsake my own way, even when I am using my very best brain cells. Even when my intentions are good. His way is always better.

When God brought the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and they entered the Desert of Sinai, He told Moses to say to the people, “You yourselves have seen what I did in Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles’ wings (swoon) and brought you to myself.” (Exodus 19:4, 5, NIV)

This really melts my pride. God didn’t just want to set them free from their bondage, He wanted them for Himself. The Israelites following Him through seas and across deserts wasn’t ultimately about them. It was always about finding Him. It was about relationship.

Today, He’s still wanting to walk in the cool of the garden like He did in Eden, and hang out with his creation, you and I. Let’s clear some space for it. Let’s get our own selves out of the way this week so that we can do things His way and be closer to Him.

For our Monday Mission, let’s ask ourselves a few questions…

  • Is there any area of life that feels particularly heavy right now? What is it? Write it down and release it to his capable hands this morning.
  • Is there any part that you are holding too tightly to or controlling that you need to let Him take care of instead?
  • What is God speaking into this situation? Ask Him to show you how He’s leading you through it.

Let’s pray together.
“God, help me to follow, to bow my whole self to you and your ways, knowing they are better and higher. Draw me closer to you today. Amen.”

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