How to Step Out of Weariness and into Peace

From the Monday Mission, October 12, 2020

Since the beginning of the pandemic I have heard so many women say that they are more tired than usual. Have you felt that way too? Like you need more physical rest, or your heart and mind feel weary?

The other day my family and I were at the beach when a lifeguard crew started doing ocean rescue training with a helicopter. It was incredible to watch them strategically lower the basket into the water and whisk each person away to safety. Some days, I wouldn’t mind having my own personal helicopter basket to whisk me away from hard times. Just get me out of here!

First, I want to say that we are perfectly normal for feeling that way.
Second, I want you to know that it’s not at all related to how spiritual or strong we are.

In the past, when I felt stressed, fearful, or worried, I thought it might be a lack of spiritual fervor (don’t people hint at that?), lack of maturity, or that I wasn’t trying hard enough. So I tried harder.

But when we strive for peace, that usually sets us on a course to more stress and fear.

Peace is  something we enter into, not something we become worthy of or earn. (You are already worthy.) Peace actually comes not from relaxation or trying hard to rest, but it grows out of our understanding of God’s strength.

Our weakness —> leads us to God’s strength —> which enables us to live at peace.

In the scriptures it says we are meant to lean on him, to cry out to him, to run and hide with him. That doesn’t paint a picture of a super woman who’s got it all together, does it? That sounds like a woman who knows where to go when things get tough.

Being surrounded by and drawing on God’s strength gives us confidence to face the day, gives us reassurance that things are going to be okay. It doesn’t deny the realities of life but believes that God wins in the end and so do we.

When we are tired and weak, God doesn’t celebrate that. He cares so deeply for us. But he doesn’t scorn us either. He says, “I can work with that! You’re in the perfect position for me to comfort and strengthen you.”

There is so much freedom in this kind of peace. It’s not on my shoulders. I don’t have to perform. (Whew!)

Do you ever strive for peace or relaxation and find it doesn’t come easy? I think we all do.

Here is the process for getting true peace:

  • Acknowledge where you’re at today (super weak, so-so, striving, etc.). Lay your weakness before God in conversation with him. He can handle it. Tell him your fears and worries.
  • Then make a conscious choice to take on his strength. Pick one of these verses to meditate on each morning and night this week until it becomes truth for you. Cloak yourself in peace by covering your life with these strengthening words.

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