How to Get Inspired Every Day

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I’ve mentioned before that I have a black thumb. But I owe you the truth.

What I have is an easily distractible mind and a sometimes lazy body that doesn’t check on the plants often enough.

Sometimes I’m cooking in the kitchen and look outside, and I am filled with a longing for beautiful plants to be overflowing by our outdoor table. I feel inspired. I go outside.

I think to myself, “I don’t remember this plant being so wilty, or that plant being so brown.”

It seems that occasional inspiration is not enough to sustain plant life sufficiently for a dream backyard.

I would like to blame all of this on 2020. It’s getting blamed for everything these days. But I think it might have something to do with me.

Likewise, there are places I want to flourish in life – emotionally, spiritually, mentally, etc. But they never just happen to me. That’s either really unfair or just the way life works.

The best things, including our spiritual growth, happen because we decide on them day after tiring, long day. They require our effort in partnership with God’s grace and empowering.

In 2021, we find ourselves in this odd in-between time of shut downs and openings. Of waiting around, while at the same time life moves forward. It’s challenging. At times we have to step back from things that increase our stress and increase our self-care.

At the same time, we are tempted to nurture apathy. We are tempted to let spiritual muscles grow weak, to say, “Oh well. It’s just a hard time. Nothing I can do.” We are tempted to wait for inspiration to strike instead of stepping boldly into our next step.

We have to believe that the things God is calling us to do this year will have his provision waiting for us, whether that is a new job, mothering, a physical move, or beating back an illness.
Have you noticed any apathy in your own life—places where you know God is calling you forward but there is no forward movement?

Life is too precious and God’s calling on your life too dear to just wait for life to return to normal or to wait until everything feels easier or we feel….inspired.

Let’s make even the most minuscule progress this week and choose to not get stuck.

I have written a handful of simple steps to beat the apathy back and start finding your day-to-day inspiration again. Get the printable worksheet here.

1 Ask God where in your life He is asking you to grow in this season.
Focus on what you think is from God and block out any condemning or judgmental voices.

2 Daydream.
Think about about what that growth might look like. What do you enjoy doing that intersects with your calling in this season? How can you bring more ease into it? What kinds of activities will you need to do in order to achieve that growth?

3 Pray and consider what are the daily steps, the small things you can be doing to nurture this growth and keep moving forward.
Even tiny movement can help us stay inspired, feel accomplished and keep us on task.

4 Create some space for it.
Schedule your next steps on a calendar, or tell a friend for accountability, or give yourself a bright Post-it note.

5. Do the thing.

Hey Skimmers, if you missed the downloadable worksheet where you can write down your next steps for daily inspiration, you can find it here.

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