God Appreciates Your Journey Like No One Else

I just celebrated my 45th birthday this past weekend, at the beach with my family. Yesterday while I was paddle boarding, trying to steady my shaky legs over the undulations rolling my board, I had a few moments of nerves. I don’t usually paddle that far out, alone. I had to consciously relax and talk myself through it.

Not long ago I couldn’t have been out in the deep at all. I was terrified. Something that might be simple, exciting even, for someone else, had been a work in progress for me. I had to fight to overcome those fears. I have more to overcome.

And this progress, my own journey, is something that only I can fully appreciate and understand. Except for God. God knows me. What he spoke into my spirit out in the water was this–

I know what it takes for you to be you.

He knows what our lives are like, what burdens we bear, what baggage we wrestle with, what sins trip us up, what scares us to death. He also know the wins, the progress, the fighting to overcome.

He sees it all– what it takes for you to be you today. And he is so proud. So pleased. An adoring papa. He fully appreciates the journey you are on like no one else can.

Soak in that for a few minutes today as I did out on the water. Let it swell in your heart and bring rest and comfort to your weary bones. You’re doing good, friend.

Reduce Your Stress (+ Bonus Family Strategies)

We can all agree on one thing—this is a stressful time. Coupled with whatever stresses you already faced pre-2020. My passion is to help us pursue a peaceful lifestyle, but I don’t always talk specifics.

So I’ve put together a kind of cheat sheet for practically cultivating more peace in your home.

*For you Moms, I have also included as a BONUS my strategies for families — the little stuff we do to simplify and make peace a priority.

Download all of that goodness here.

If you would like a little more peace and purpose in your week, join the Monday Mission community.

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