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Hey, I’m Angie, and I am so glad you are here.

About this Website

I started this website a few years ago to give voice to my own experiences as mother — the joyful, mundane, and pure insanity. I hoped to encourage mothers to lay down unreasonable goals and give themselves grace for the messy, refining journey they were on.

Along the way, I discovered that God had some different plans (surprise surprise!). I was on my own journey — trailblazing through the paralyzing anxiety and stress I had battled since childhood. Over the past three years, through some incredibly challenging seasons, I have learned how to be free, how to be live with more ease. And naturally, I have to write about it.

My great passion is to plant even the tiniest seed of hope for women who feel stuck, disempowered, or fearful — whether it’s in work, relationships, or motherhood — that there really is another way of being in the world, and it’s attainable.

This might be the bravest journey I’ve taken so far. But I’m here for it. And I hope we can connect and walk it out together.


About My Hawaii Life

My husband and I live with our three daughters in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. I’m originally from Texas and attended Texas A&M, where I studied journalism.

Over the years I have worked for an international newspaper, high tech companies, and non-profits in my career as a marketer, and more recently for faith and motherhood publications. I have also homeschooled my kids for 10 years, and my hobbies include songwriting, reading, and surfing.

In addition to peaceful living and motherhood, I’m likely to talk your ear off about adoption, autism spectrum, and learning disabilities (dyslexia & ADHD). You can find my speaking page here.

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