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Hey, I’m Angie. I’m a writer, homeschooler, and mom to three. On this blog I share my thoughts on motherhood. I encourage moms to stop striving for unreasonable goals and start giving themselves more grace for the journey. 

If you’ve been feeling defeated or disempowered as a mom, this is the place for you. I believe moms spend a lot of time feeling like failures when they have a right to feel confident. And the key ingredient to doing motherhood well is just grace – to be human, to try again, and to be free to grow.

My greatest hope is that we learn to support each other more fully, celebrate the uniqueness of our families, and encourage one another for the job.

Being a mom is difficult enough without all of the guilt and criticism. I hope you will join me on this journey to more grace for motherhood.

About Angie

My husband and I live with our three daughters in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. I’m originally from Texas and attended Texas A&M, where I studied journalism. 

I have written for an international newspaper, high tech companies, and non-profits. I have also homeschooled my kids for 8 years, and my hobbies include songwriting and beach wandering.

In addition to motherhood, I’m likely to talk your ear off about adoption, autism spectrum and aspergers, learning disabilities (dyslexia & ADHD), and faith.

Join in and leave your thoughts, share your favorite posts through social media, and be encouraged – you’re not alone!

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