Your Results: Type 4

Thank you for taking the Fear Quiz.

You scored highest for Type 4, Fears about separation or rejection.

Type 4 fears are related primarily relationship fears. They include fears of a relationship ending, a divorce, or rejection from friends or loved ones.

These fears cause us to fear vulnerability and intimacy. They make it difficult for us to be in a healthy, committed relationship.

As someone who has struggled with fear and anxiety most of my life, please know that my greatest hope is not to glorify the fear but to help you get free from it.

This quiz is intended to help you recognize the types of fear you struggle with and some of the ways fear may be affecting your life, work, and relationships. This is not medical advice but it is based on current research in psychology.


If you’re unsure whether you want to put in the work toward a fearless future, think about these questions.

Who would you be without the fear?
What would your life look like?
What would you be able to accomplish?
How much closer would your relationships be?
How would you feel different physically?

If you’re ready to move forward, here are a few resources for you to consider.


10 Minutes to Peace: this quick morning routine enables you to start every day with offloading negative thoughts, gratitude, focus, scripture, and prayer. It’s easy and flexible so you can be consistent with it.

Download the Lifeline: a free guide to getting rid of overwhelm, a step-by-step process for identifying what’s stealing your peace and re-centering your thoughts around truth.

Sign up for Brave New Day: a 7-day email challenge to discover the truth about your fears, create a mindset for peace, and start bravely facing obstacles.

Books, Podcasts, and Music: recommendations on this page

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I am glad you found my site, and I hope I can be of service to you in your faith and your journey to overcome fear.