What Does God Want to Do with my Losses and Gains?

From the Monday Mission, April 6, 2020

Friend, how are you holding up in this weird, new normal with Covid-19? Have you discovered some things about yourself?

I have noted a few things of interest…
1. Some people stress eat. I stress shower. This is partly due to the fact that it’s the only place my kids don’t follow me (usually).
2. I am much less productive when I have much more time available.
3. I’ve always joked that I have a black thumb, but after a week of all us trying to grow vegetable seeds, mine are the ONLY ones in the family that haven’t sprouted. Point made, universe.

On the bright side, I have seen my children thrive and enjoy each other. We’ve spent more time reading and praying together. Despite the terrible tragedy unfolding around us, God is always wanting to redeem the circumstances of our lives.

What use can we make with what we are learning about ourselves, our communities, and God? Our Monday mission is to determine what we can take away from this time.

Two questions to help us…
– What is one thing I have lost during the quarantine that I want to leave behind for good?
– What is one thing I have gained during the quarantine that I want to hold on to?

Let’s take a moment to pray together…

God, I know that you work all things together for the good of those who love you. Help me to see the good around me today. I pray for each person struggling with the virus, feeling afraid for loved ones, or faced with financial difficulties. Bring your healing power and peace to each one. Amen.


I Can See Clearly Now: Thoughts on the Quarantine and Loving Well

“I really look forward to going back to my favorite coffee shop with the good chai, but I don’t want to return to life exactly as it was. I would like to leave some things behind that weren’t all that useful to me. I would like to use my time more wisely and invest in the things/people that matter most.”

Some Good News with John Krasinski
– If you’re needing some good news today, I loved this heartwarming YouTube show full of positive stories from one of my favorite actors.

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