Use Affirmations to Combat Uncertainty

From the Monday Mission, May 11, 2020

I went on a long hike with my family this past week. We haven’t taken this trail in a handful of years, so we were pretty sure we were lost the entire time. It’s not a great feeling, especially when one kid forgot to wear socks and the other is limping because she realized mid-hike she had outgrown her shoes.

About halfway there we came across an enormous banyan tree and the kids stopped to explore within its hundreds of branches. My husband and I waited (impatiently) for them to finish up but they were so excited about their discovery.

I think this is a great metaphor for life – we are headed in a direction (we think) and set on a particular goal and then we get sidetracked and find something altogether different and good along the way.

Do you feel derailed in any way right now? You’ve probably had some plans redirected. You may be waiting (impatiently or not) to make some decisions.

Uncertainty undermines our confidence.

It is easier to feel confident  when we are in our normal routine. And as free spirited as we may be, we only want unpredictability is small, measured, CHOSEN doses. We want our livelihoods and our health, our world at large, to be completely, boringly predictable, right?

What do we do about this uncertainty we are living in?

We meditate on what is certain in our lives, what we know to be true. This is grounding for us.

Here are some things I know to be true.

  • I know God sees what I need and will provide for me and my family.
  • I know I can be at peace and sleep well because God is my safety.
  • I know that in times of loss and disappointment God helps me endure and gives me hope.
  • I know God is completely in charge of my present and my future, so I don’t have to be afraid of anything.

Monday Mission

What part of your thought life needs reinforcing today? What feels uncertain right now? Your Monday Mission is to write down a positive, truthful affirmation to hang onto this week.

You can also download a full page of affirmations for peace on my site:  Go to the resource library

Let’s start today with a simple prayer…

Thank you God for being the same yesterday, today, and forever. Your promises are sure even when I am not. Thank you for being faithful to lead me well and keep me grounded in truth. Amen.

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