The Good Mom: a Manifesto for Moms Searching for Worth

The Good Mom is the brainchild of a weary mom, hopped up on coffee, wondering when it was going to get good. After a year of brainstorming and the input of my most trusted mom friends, I am excited to share this hopeful manifesto with you, my blog readers.

 About The Good Mom

What would you say if I asked you, “Are you a good mom?

Certainly we all try our darnedest to not screw the little people up. But how many of us end the day feeling satisfied with all of that hard work, feeling irreplaceable, like we are truly good enough?

The Good Mom is a manifesto for every mom who wants to stop striving and start believing she is worth her weight in gold. It upends the way we normally think about motherhood, so that we can go through the challenges without being defined by them.

As moms we carry so much weight and pressure of doing motherhood perfectly.  I find myself constantly looking for results or something that tells me I’m doing a good job. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there, but there isn’t a whole lot I’ve read that leaves me feeling truly encouraged and relieved. So thank you for giving me permission to take a deep breath. – Becky C.


 About the Author

I am a mom of three, and I didn’t write this piece because I’m so successful as a parent, but because I have had an up close and personal look at failure. Failure to thrive. Failure to manage my own emotions. Failure to adapt. Parenting a child with Aspergers for 10 years has forced me to throw out more than one parenting book and grow through trial and error. And I am so thankful for the growth. I’ve learned how to forgive myself, and how to appreciate what I bring to the table every day that I get to parent. I want to share that same grace with moms who are worn out with trying to be good. I believe it’s closer at hand than you think.
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This is something I think most moms in our generation need to hear! – Rachel S.

Next Steps

If you’ve already read The Good Mom, thank you so much. This topic was on my heart for over a year before I crafted this little nugget. As a mom, it’s been impactful for me to write and meditate on these words that I really needed to hear too.

What did you think? I would love to hear your feedback in the Comments box below. And if you liked it, you are welcome to share it with others.

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