“I’ve known Angie for years through our church, Bluewater Mission. She helps to lead worship, leads a small group and oversees our prayer ministry. I’ve also had the pleasure of co-leading a women’s retreat with her several years ago. 

When Angie speaks, people listen. They are attuned to what she is sharing as she brings much wisdom, encouragement, humor and maturity in her talks. She’s nurturing and real which makes people feel comfortable and open. She naturally relates well with her audience whatever the topic may be and you feel as she is your friend., she’s on your side and she understands and can relate to what you may go going through.  

Angie is very personable, relatable and fun which is why the audience is drawn to her and what she has to share with them. I would listen to Angie speak anytime!” 

– Sandy C., retreat attendee


“Angie speaks to the heart of hard issues with wisdom, humor, and grace. Her vulnerability in sharing about her own experience is refreshing and helps you to feel you are not alone in the crazy journey of motherhood.”

– Ari F., retreat attendee


I so needed your words today. Thank you so much. I feel like I am in the middle of a storm right now and the anxiety and depression were setting in. Your writing today really helped to remind me that the sun is always shining above the clouds. It’s just been so cloudy lately. I will most definitely download your guide.

– Mary K., email subscriber


I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed the resolution-free new years series you sent out. Your questions were thought-provoking and it helped me feel like I’m starting the year out with a slow-burning, long-lasting hope rather than the production-focused, goal-oriented attitude I usually have.

– Jade H., email subscriber


Thank you so much for the New Year re-set. I appreciated the directives to refocus on Christ at the end of such a busy season. I felt like the directives were just what I needed and the length of each day’s work was what I could manage….this encouraged me to continue. I have printed out the scriptures for meditation to continue to keep my eyes on Jesus. I’m so glad you did this!

– Bonnie J., email subscriber