Seeing Beauty in Our Vulnerability

Last week I didn’t write because I just couldn’t.
You know that feeling? When you just can’t.

It wasn’t politics, even though that feels like a hornet’s nest. We had a death in the family. Then we had a serious accident in the family. I was doing well to put foot in front of foot and take care of the tasks around my house.

At the same time, a friend I’ve been praying for many years for physical healing was experiencing incredible breakthroughs.

There was reason to cry, and there was reason to celebrate.

As I wrestled between these two extremes, I found comfort in the flesh and bones Jesus in the book of John. Jesus, who loved Lazarus, who was deeply moved at his passing, who wept.

Isn’t that beautiful? The full spectrum of felt humanity in a perfect person. We, who are made in his image, experience the full spectrum as well. 

Wherever you are this week, I want to encourage you to be vulnerable with others, to be fully seen and known in both the times of joy and the times of struggle. So much richness and depth come from embracing who and how we are, even as we cling to Jesus and find all of our hope in Him.

Do you ever find yourself holding back your feelings, the harder parts of life, and only sharing the victories? Or do you only share difficult things once they are past? Why is that? Is there anything you need to share this week to get it off your chest?

I encourage you to reach out to a trustworthy friend and practice your vulnerability this week. Then write it out in a journal. Pray through it until you feel release. Comment and let me know how I can pray for you too.

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