Our Trust in Hard Times is Rooted in Gratitude and Worship

From the Monday Mission, April 13, 2020

It’s another Monday. It feels JUST LIKE last Monday, but we will pretend this is a whole, brand new Monday, okay?


If you’re a grown up, you probably have some grown up problems. The coronavirus is likely just one thorn among several….or many.

Sometimes it is our cumulative pain and struggle that really tries to take us down. Hard things like to hang on to us, you know?

I’m not saying who, but someone I know hollered into their pillow this week that they hate everybody. Every. Body. It was a tough day, I hear.

We can learn a thing or two about fear and suffering from David in the Psalms, a man who was hunted like a deer.

“Surely this (our own struggle) is the dark valley of Psalm 23, the one David tells us about, that lies in shadow. It’s the long trek that has no definable end date, the suffering that has no name and no promise of a cure on earth.

And yet in the same breath David tells us that he lacks nothing, that he is refreshed, that he doesn’t fear, that he is comforted, that he’s well fed, and filled with the Lord’s love. What?

It’s clear when you go back one chapter that David had questions and concerns for God. He wasn’t immune to the pain of his struggles, and at the same time his heart was filled with gratitude and worship. His trust was intact. He knew how to live fully even in the midst of his pain.” (from my blog)

David’s strength came from his confidence in his God, and I believe his trust was rooted in a heart of worship.Our Monday Mission is to spend a moment in worship, not because our circumstances are awesome, but because God is.

Here’s a simple prayer of worship you can make your own…

God, you are the same yesterday, today, and forever. You are worthy of my love and adoration. I put my whole trust in You. Amen.


Find Strength in Hopeless Places
What do we do with our questions, disappointments, and unanswered prayers? How do we scrounge up hope in hard places? Some things I learned from getting lost hiking, and a fern, and the Psalms about living fully in hard places…

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