Monday Mission – So disturbed

Are any of you used to your face masks yet? Mine is kind of large, so I always think I look like this…

Wikipedia/Public Domain

(taken from this article on plague masks)

I have to admit something to you. I often walk into the store with my mask and sunglasses on and never take my sunglasses off like a wanna-be celebrity, because my face is so confused about being covered up that I don’t know what’s what.

Friend, it feels our lives are being shaken up this year in big and small ways—the inconveniences of the quarantine, the shifts to our social lives, and more recently, the heavy content we are all processing around racial tensions.

Frankly, I’m disturbed. But here’s why I think it’s a good thing.

Think of a baby bird. A baby bird is mouth-fed by its mother, completely dependent at first. Slowly, the mother moves farther and farther from the nest to feed the bird, forcing it to get up and come out of the nest for its food. She disturbs it from its comfortable rest for its own good, so it will mature.

How have you been disturbed in the last few months? What has been a pain for you? Have there been any inconvenient truths?

It is easy to get so caught up in the spin and politics of our time that we don’t stop to consider – what is this about for me? God is intimately involved with each one of us and is trying to mature us through our circumstances. We don’t have to worry about where other people are on their journey, but we can tune in to what this time can teach us personally. And remember—God is gracious in the way he teaches and compels us.

Our Monday Mission is to consider this week, especially when we feel the urge for irritation: What is the moment wanting to teach me? How does God want me to grow up in this area?

Let’s start here…
“God, thank you for not leaving me immature and ignorant but graciously continuing to challenge me and help me grow. Help me to recognize what you want to say in this time and to receive your instruction humbly.”

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