Lifeline: A Practical Guide to Getting Out of Overwhelm and Anxiety

Struggling with feeling overwhelmed or defeated too often?

I get it – I lived way too long feeling exhausted, anxious, and generally out of sorts. Download my free guide to uncovering the hidden sources of anxiety and emotional upset and start restoring your sense of calm.

This is a process I developed from a variety of psychology and faith-based resources that has helped me end the cycle of overwhelm and bring more balance and peace to my days.

I encourage you to just try it.

This 20-page guide includes:

  • A step-by-step process for identifying what’s really stealing your peace and re-centering your thoughts around truth
  • Worksheets for writing out your discoveries each time you use the guide
  • Scripture references for encouragement throughout the day
  • Handy bookmarks for going through the steps at your convenience
  • Blank journal pages

This guide will help you:

  • Find the courage to face what’s making you overwhelmed, anxious, or out of sorts
  • Uncover the hidden sources of your reactions and thought processes
  • Know the truth about what you are responsible for and what is out of your control
  • Move past anger, unforgiveness, and hurts and into more emotional freedom
  • Take practical steps toward implementing peaceful routines

Receive instant access to the guide and get started today.

Lifeline Guide


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