Let Jesus Take the Helm in Stormy Times

From the Monday Mission, May 25, 2020

I am what’s known as a fixer. If I were part of the crime world (don’t laugh), I would be disposing of evidence and bodies and things like that.

Am I  more qualified than the average person to solve problems? Not necessarily. I just like to. And this causes problems for me.

1. I’m a home school teacher. Sometimes I make up answers when I don’t know them. (Sorry kids.)
2. The people in my life don’t like to be fixed. Go figure.
3. Sometimes I need to let things go and learn to  TRUST more, instead of trying to solve everything myself.

I imagine there were fixers on the boat when Jesus was sleeping and the ferocious storm came up (in Mark 4). They were like, “Dude, don’t you know what’s happening? Do something! We’re gonna die.”

He yawns and turns over.

They get even more flustered and look at each other.

“Why is he sleeping? How is this the right time?”

And then the age-old complaint of all disciples and all children to their parents…”Don’t you CARE about us?” (insert non-existent self-pity emoji)

(You can read the whole article here on my blog about why Jesus was asleep. And p.s. Yes, he does care about our problems.) 

I would like to suggest for our Monday Mission that there are some things this week that we need to go to sleep to. Instead of worrying. Instead of list making. Instead of constantly solving. We need to let Jesus take the helm, knowing that he’s got everything under control. What is nagging me that I need to choose to rest and trust about instead?

Let’s get started…God, There are so many things in my life I cannot solve and you never intended me to. Help me to relinquish every one of these things to you today. Show me where I am worrying or trying to fix my life and help me to trust more deeply. Amen.”


Some of you know that I’ve been writing a book for AGES, and I wanted to give a little update. Actually the book has been mostly finished for a year but I’ve been working on the business/publishing side of things.

What’s it about? The book is a vulnerable, sometimes funny account of my transformation from being a fearful person to one who has a stabilizing trust in God. It tells the story of losing my dad to a freak accident and how that was a catalyst for this change in my life.

The latest news on this project is that I have a wonderful agent as of April (cue the confetti!) and will be pitching it to publishers soon. I would LOVE to have your prayers as I go into this process that people who need to hear this message will get it in their hands. Thank you for your support and for those who have encouraged me along the way!! You are part of this story.

Remember – Jesus has got it ALL under control. Zzzzzz.

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