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From the Monday Mission, February 22, 2020

I’m here in your inbox on Monday MORNING for a really good reason…

The other day my husband and daughter were riding in the car when she asked for a piece of gum. He said “Sure” and handed the little plastic container over. She looked inside and said, “Dad, there are roach wings in here. I’m not eating that!” Suddenly things began to click in his brain – that gum had not really had the right texture and flavor…

It’s possible that neither of them will ever chew gum again.

And like roaches, Mondays represent something nefarious in our culture. It’s like a little bugler pops up in the morning, toots his horn and says, “There are roach wings in your gum. Everything is terrible. This week is already ruined!”

The EASIEST thing on a Monday morning is to give in to feeling defeated, before it even starts.

And because I need as much help with this as anybody I’ve decided to start sending out my (previously wildly irregular) emails on Monday mornings. Together, we are going to not only chat about fun things like wings, but we are going to reclaim this day for good.

Instead of the day just happening to us, we are going to choose to see Monday as a fresh start, and an opportunity to refocus on what’s important for the week. It is not a change in activities but a change in posture.

That small shift in mindset feels empowering, right?

I promise you I’m not going to pull out pom poms, although I may succumb to posting an old cheer photo.

Let’s start today with this simple prayer.

“God, can you give me a glimpse of what this week can really be? Will you give me a sense of mission or purpose that I can hold onto? Amen.”


Help for the Mom Who is Struggling to Cope

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Developing Resilient Kids that Live at Peace
I was honored to be featured on For the Mama Heart. Check out the whole blog – it’s a great resource for moms needing rest and encouragement. Hop on over and give that article some love.

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My personalized wellness regimen has become to my mental outlook. You can read more about it on Medium and then figure out what routines work well for you. (p.s. the publication chose this photo; it is NOT me or my my bare bottom ;))


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