Z-Book in Progress

I am working on a memoir about hope after sudden loss, based on my experiences with losing my dad to quadriplegia.

We all have people in our lives who make us feel safe. We feel that everything else could fall apart and yet we would find steadiness in that person and what they bring to our world. Even though I believe in an eternal life after death, on this earth my dad was a tangible representation of safety, of being accepted no matter what, of being valued. When he was suddenly gone, I had to renegotiate what it meant to be here without him, how to lean more heavily on God, and how to reconcile his choice to go to heaven with my desire for him to stay.  

As I write, these stories challenge my own perceptions of what it means to live fully with intention, to hope, and to thrive as a person with one foot on earth and one in heaven.

I am posting regular updates about my progress here. I plan to complete the writing process in 2018 and pursue publishing afterward. 

* * *

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